Reading Challenge 2021

A book published over 100 years agoAudiobook: Charlotte Brönte – Jane Eyre
A non-fiction bookEbog: Maria Marcus – Kom du? En mosaik om orgasme
An audiobookAudiobook: Savannah Skye – Her Demon Harem – The Succubus Chronicles #1
A Memoir or journal Audiobook: Ove Dahl – Drabschefen – nye sager
A Christmas story Audiobook: Amanda Tartt – Christmas
A fantasy story Audiobook: L.A. Weatherly – Angel (Angel #1)
A murder mystery / Crime storyAudiobook: Sebastian Richelsen – Amagermanden – Den danske seriemorder
A post-apocalyptic story 
A ghost/horror storyAudiobook: Wil Wheaton – Dead Trees give no Shelter
A sci-fi storyEbook: Marissa Meyer – Cinder – The Lunar Chronicles #1
A children’s bookEbook: Carina Evytt – Ouijabrættet – Mørkeræd #4
A book with less than 100 pagesAudiobook: Stephen King – The Stationary Bike
A book in another languageAudiobook: Stephen King – If it bleeds
A book you’ve already read at least once 
A book about booksAudiobook: Annie Darling – Crazy in love at the Lonely Hearts Bookshop
A book someone else chose for youEbook: Haidi Wigger Klaris – Blodarv – Sort Måne #1
A collection of short storiesAudiobook: Antologi – Kvindefantasier
A book set in a different time Audiobook: Heather Morris – Tatovøren fra Auschwitz
A book set in a capital 
A book with dragons 
A book with a map 
A book based on a true storyAudiobook: Steve Sheinkin – Lincoln’s Grave Robbers
A book that scares you 
A book written by a male authorAudiobook: Stephen King – Later
A book written by a female authorEbook: Colleen Hoover – Mørkt bedrag
A book signed by the author Audiobook: Louise Haiberg – Låsen og Vogteren
An book by an author you’ve never read Ebook: Line Wenzel – Asfalteksem
A book with an LGBTQ+ character Ebook: Cecilie Birkshøj – Som ringe i vandet
A book with characters who are twinsAudiobook: Melanie Harlow – Fra dette øjeblik
A book everybody is talking about
A book that starts a seriesAudiobook: Gretchen McNeill – #Murdertrending #1
A book that finishes a seriesAudiobook: Savannah Skye – Her Demon Harem, Book 2 (The Succubus Chronicles #2)
A book you own, but have never readPrintbook: Phoebe Locke – Manden i skyggerne 
A book that’s been on your shelf for more than a year 
A book inspired by a TV series
A book that became a filmAudiobook: Stephen Chbosky – The perks of being a Wallflower
A book you were supposed to read in school, but didn’t 
A book involving mythology, folklore or legendEbook: Marissa Meyer – Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3)
A book with a name in the title 
A boook with an animal in the title 
A book with a weekday in the title 
A book with a color in the title 
A book with a number in the title 
A book with a four word title 
A book with a season in the title 

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