The Reading Challenge 2019

The reading challenge – 2019

A book you read in school Ebook: Klaus Rifbjerg – Den kroniske uskyld (Read 2019)
A book published over 100 years ago Audiobook: Jack London – White Fang (Read 2019)
A non-fiction book Ebook: Helen Russell – Mit liv som dansker  (Read 2019)
A book written by a male author Ebook: Adam Silvera – Den dag jeg glemmer (Read 2019)
A book set in your hometown/region Ebook: Vagn Lundbye – Langelandsk Fodrejse (Read 2019)
A book with a number in the title Ebook: Katharine McGee – Tusinde etager (The Thousandth Floor #1) (Read 2019)
A book someone else recommended you Audiobook: Viki Storm – Sold to the Alien Prince (Read 2019)
A book you can finish in a day Ebook: Sara Blædel – Ilkas arv (Ilka #2) (Read 2019)
A book with a one word title Ebook: Karin Slaughter – Svigt – Grant County #2 (Read 2019)
A memoir or journal Ebook: Linda P – Transformer (Read 2019)
A selfpublished book Ebook: Malou Alstrøm – Blodets Hvisken (Read 2019)
A book with a time of day in the title Audiobook: Anja Fonseca – I morgen stopper jeg (Read 2019)
A book that is also a play or a musical Audiobook: Lewis Carroll – Alice in Wonderland (Read 2019)
A book by more than two authors Ebook: Anders Morgenthaler/Marie Louise Tüxen – Helle Erobreren (Read 2019)
A book set at sea Ebook: Mats Strandberg – Færgen (Read 2019)
A book published the year you were born Ebook: Michael Ende – Momo (Read 2019)
A book set in space
A book you’ve already read at least once Stephen King – Om at skrive (Read 2019)
A graphic novel Ebook: Debbie Tung – A quiet Girl in a Noisy World  (Read 2019)
A horror story Printbook: Kenneth Bøgh Andersen – En rejse gennem nætterne (Read 2019)
A book from your childhood Audiobook: Mary O’Hara – Min ven, Flicka (Read 2019)
A book published from last year  
A book that became a film Audiobook: Caroline Kepnes – You (Read 2019)
A book written by a female author Ebook: Katharine McGee: Blændende højder (The thousandth floor #2) (Read 2019)
A book with a name in the title Ebook: Libby Page – Kate og Rosemary (Read 2019)
A book with a character with your first name Audiobook: Andrea Portes – Anatomy of a Misfit (Read 2019)
A book over 500 pages Ebook: Deborah Harkness – Heksenat (All Souls Trilogy #1) (Read 2019)
A previously banned book
A book translated from another language Ebook: Karin Slaughter – Hævneren – Grant County #4 (Read 2019)
An award-winning book
The next book of a series you’ve started Ebook: Deborah Harkness – Livets Bog (All Souls Trilogy #3) (Read 2019)
A book by an author using a pseudonym Ebook: Robert Galbraith – Den hvide død – Comoran Strike #4 (Read 2019)
A book you borrowed or was given as a gift Printbook: Stop dig selv, Tobias! (Read 2019)
A book with your favorite colour in the title Ebook: Sandra Schwartz – Sort Lucia (Read 2019)
A book about time travel Ebook: Deborah Harkness – Nattens Skygge (All Souls Trilogy #2) (Read 2019)
A book you judged by it’s cover
A book you own, but never read Printbook: Mhairi McFarlane – Findes der én, findes der flere (Read 2019)
A classic, you’ve never gotten around to reading
A collection of short stories Antologi: Shining in the Dark (Read 2019)
A book by an author you know personally Ebook: Sidsel Schomacker – Lær at omgås andre mennesker (Read 2019)