2017 Reading Challenge

Årets udfordringer:

A book recommended by a librarian: Linda Castillo – Tvunget til tavshed – Kate Burkholder #1
A book that’s been on your TBR list for way too long: Daphne du Maurier – Rebecca
A book of letters: Mark Haddon – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
An audiobook: Michael Logan – Apocalypse Cow
A book by a person of color: Jason Reynolds – The Boy in the Black Suit
A book with one of the four seasons in the title: Maureen Daly – Seventeenth Summer
A book that is a story within a story: Stephen King – Misery
A book with multiple authors: Kami Garcia/Margaret Stohl – Beautiful Chaos – Caster Chronicles #3
An espionage thriller: John Buchnan – The 39 steps
A book with a cat on the cover: Richard Matheson – The Incredible Shrinking Man
A book by an author who uses a pseudonym: Richard Bachman (Stephen King) – The Long Walk
A bestseller from a genre you normally don’t read: Douglas Adams – The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy #1
A book by or about a person with a disability: Amy Haddon – Skrøbelige skønhed
A book involving travel: Stephanie Perkins – Anna og det franske kys
A book with a subtitle: Robert Kirkman/Jay Bonansinga – The Rise of the Governor – The Walking Dead
A book that is published in 2017: Margit Sandemo – Spellbound (Okay, det er så 10. gang jeg læser den, men denne gang lyttede jeg til den på engelsk i en produktion fra 2017)
A book involving a mythical creature: Jesper Lindberg – Bigfoot og Yetien
A book you’ve read before that never fails to make you smile: J. K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
A book about food: Jenny Colgan – The Cafe by the Sea
A book with a career advice: Kurt Strand/Michael Kongstad – Orden i kaos
A book from a nonhuman perspective: Mark Tufo – The Book of Riley #1
A steampunk novel: Nikolaj Johansen – Transformationsmaskinen
A book with a red spine: Cora Carmack – Som sendt fra himlen
A book set in the wilderness: Cheryl Strayed – Wild – En fortælling om at fare vild og finde sig selv igen
A book you loved as a child: Anna Sewel – Black Beauty
A book by an author from a country you’ve never visited: Jennifer L. Armentrout – The problem with forever
A book with a title that’s a characters name: Stephen King – Carrie
A novel set during wartime: John Boyne – The boy in the Striped Pyjamas
A book with an unreliable author: Annie Proulx – The Shipping News
A book with pictures: Patrick Leis – Necropolis
A book where the main character is a different ethnicity than you: Jung Chang: – Wild Swans
A book about an interesting woman: Natascha Kampusch – Ti års frihed
A book set in two different time periods: Steffen Nohr – Radiosignalet
A book with a month or a day of the week in the title: Jung Chang – Wild Swans
A book set in a hotel: Stephen King – The Shining
A book written by someone you admire: Stephen King – On writing
A book that’s becoming a movie in 2017: Dave Eggers – The Circle
A book set around a holiday other than Christmas: Ray Bradbury – The Halloween Tree
The first book in a series you haven’t read before: George D. Schuman – 18 seconds – Sherry More #1
A book you bought on a trip: Lene Kaaberbøl – Ildprøven – Vildheks #1 (Købt på Esbjerg Fantasymesse)
Advanced – A book recommended by an author you love: Robert Galbraight: Gøgens Kalden
Advanced – A bestseller from 2016: Colleen Hoover – Forbandede kærlighed
Advanced – A book with a family member in the title: Pernille Eybye – Merlin og søster Hårbolle
Advanced – A book that takes place of a character’s life span: Stephen King – The Green Mile
Advanced – A book about an immigrant or refugee: Craig Ferguson – American on Purpose
Advanced – A book from a genre/subgenre that you’ve never heard of: Stephen King – The Gunslinger – The Dark Tower #1
Advanced – A book with an eccentric character: Jonathan Safran Foer – Extremely Loud and Incredible Close
Advanced – A book that’s more than 800 pages: Diana Gabaldon – The fiery cross
Advanced – A book you got from a used book sale: Dennis Jürgensen – Gargoylens gåde
Advanced – A book that is mentioned in another book: Arthur Conan Doyle – The Hounds of the Baskervilles
Advanced – A book about a difficult topic: An-Magritt Wibell Nygaard-Ech – Kærlighedens lænker
Advanced – A book about mythology: Neil Gaiman – Norse mythology