2015 Reading Challenge

Jeg nåede:

A book of science fiction: Helene Th. Svolgart – Livets Barske Lektie
A book with non-human characters: Michael Porpugo – War Horse
A book published this year: Jens Jørgen Hansen – De unge pirater
A non-english book: Diana Gabaldon – Outlander
A book with a place in it’s title: Garrison Keilor – En stille uge i Lake Wobegon
A book that became a movie: Hans Hansen – Vil du se min smukke navle
A classic: Jules Verne – Jorden rundt på 80 dage
A book with more than 250 pages: Roger Hobbs – Ghostman
A graphic novel: Alan Moore/David Lloyd – V for Vendetta
A book set in school: Mette Julin – Sandheder og løgne
A book with magic: Cassandra Clare – Urværksenglen
A book with a number in its title: Christian Reslow – Micki 19:50
A book your friend loves: Jojo Moyes – Mig før dig
A book about a famous person: Corey Taylor – A funny thing happened on the way to heaven.
The second book in a series: Diana Gabaldon – Dragonfly in Amber

Jeg nåede ikke i løbet af 2015:

A funny book: Frederik Backman – Ting min søn skal vide om verden (læst 2017)
A book your parents read: Margit Sandemo – Heksejagt (læst 2017)
A book with a mystery: Robert Galbraith – The Silkworn (læst 2017)
A book with a dragon: Naomi Novik – His Majesty’s Dragon, Temeraire (læst 2016)
A book based on a true story: Suggestion: Truman Capote (In cold Blod)
A book with a colour in the title: Maggie Stiefvater: Blue Lily, Lily Blue (læst 2016)
A book based on a play: Suggestion: The wizard of Oz
A book of poetry: Yaya Hassan
A book by a local author: Bodil Steensen Leth, Erik Nørgaard