The Reading Challenge – 2022

Tilbage til Reading Challenge oversigten

A book with VikingsEbookThomas ArntDu gætter aldrig hvad de gjorde i Vikingetiden2022
A book with nobles/royalsEbookJulie KagawaJernkongen (Iron Fey #1)2022
A book with vampiresAudioCarsten OverskovDracula dræberen – portræt af en massemorder2022
A book with angels and/or demonsAudioTosca LeeDemon – A memoir2022
A book with non-human charactersAudioEve LanglaisSweeping Ashley (Grim Dating #2)2022
A book with illustrationsEbookThomas ArntDu gætter aldrig hvad de gjorde i Romerriget2022
A book with a female characterAudioMargit SandemoYearning (The Legend of the Icepeople #14)2022
A book where Death is a characterAudioEve LanglaisPushing up posies (Grim Dating #1)2022
A book about sports or an athleteAudioDanny SørensenHjernen bag Astralis2022
A book with a job title in the titleAudioChristy SloatThe Librarian (The Librarian Chronicles #1)2022
A book with a country or a city in the titleAudioClare LydonHot London Nights (London Romance #7)2022
A book with a two word titleAudioMargit SandemoThe Mandrake (The Legend of the Icepeople #16)2022
A book with a name in the titleAudioMargit SandemoLucifer’s Love (The Legend of the Ice People #29)2022
A book without the letter “E” in the titleAudioMargit SandemoRituals (The Legend of the Ice People #23)2022
A book which title starts with a wowelAudioStephen KingUr2022
A book set in a different countryAudioMargit SandemoThe Devils Footprint (The legend of the Icepeople #13)2022
A book set in more than one city/countryAudioGabrielle StoneEat, Pray, #FML2022
A book set during a warAudioMargit SandemoThe East Wind (The Legend of the Icepeople #15)2022
A book set in a different timeAudioMargit SandemoThe Knight (The Legend of the Icepeople #14)2022
A Christmas storyEbookL. ShermanFortabt i Jul2022
A fantasy storyAudioJ. K. RowlingThe tales of Beedle the Bard2022
A murder mystery/crime storyAudioChris CarterOne by One (Robert Hunter #5)2022
A ghost/horror storyAudioKristin LeeParanormal Confessions2022
An audiobookAudioMargit SandemoThe Garden of Death (The Legend of the Ice People #17)2022
A comic bookEbookAlex GrahamFred Basset Yearbook 20222022
A book considered a classicAudioFred GipsonOld Yeller2022
A collection of short storiesAudioAntologiMandefantasier2022
An award-winning bookAudioOyinkan BraithwaitheMy sister, the serial Killer2022
A book you can finish in one dayAudioChristy SloatThe Archivist (The Librarian Chronicles #2)2022
A book in your native tongueAudioLotte PetriStorm over Bornholm2022
A book by an author you know or have metAudioMargit SandemoBehind the facade (The Legend of the Ice People #18)2022
A book by an author from another continentAudioAndrew PyperThe Demonologist2022
A book by an author you have never readEbookJames ProudUnusual Ways to Die – History’s weirdest deaths2022
A book written by a male authorAudioMichael FalchTil grænsen (Ungdomserindringer)2022
A book written by a female authorAudioMargit SandemoThe dragon’s teeth (The Legend of the Ice People #19)2022
An author’s first bookAudioIain ReidI’m thinking of ending things2022
A genre you don’t normally readAudioLydia Poulteney, James HicksThe Simpsons Secret2022
A book that starts a seriesAudioEva ChaseDragon’s Guard (Dragon Shifter’s Mates #1)2022
The third book in a seriesAudioEva ChaseDragon’s Desire (Dragon Shifter’s Mates #3)2022
A book that finishes a seriesAudioMargit SandemoIs there anybody out there (The Legend of the Ice People #47)2022
A book you own, but have never readAudioSebastian de CastellSpellslinger (Spellslinger #1)2022
A book published before you were bornAudioBram StokerHow 7 went mad2022
A book published the year you graduated schoolAudioMary Higgins ClarkWhile my pretty one sleeps2022
A book that has been on your TBR list for 2+ yearsAudioKimberly McCreightThe Outliers (The Outliers #1)2022
A book involving mythology, folklore or legendAudioMargit SandemoThe Wings of the Raven (The Legend of the Ice People #20)2022