The Golden Trio / Harry Potter reading challenge

En ægte bognørd skal da også gennemføre denne på et tidspunkt. 😉

Tilbage til Reading Challenge oversigten

HarryReread a Harry Potter book
RonRead a book under 200 pages
HermioneRead a book over 500 pages
GinnyRead a poetry book
Luna LovegoodRead a book about creativity or something unusual
Fred & GeorgeRead a book with twins in it
Fleur DelacourRead a book translated from another language
Dumbledore’s ArmyRead a book about social justice or a current issue
Professor McGonagallRead a book with a strong female lead
DumbledoreRead a book involving a school or a teacher
Gilderoy LockhartRead a book from a celebrity bookclub
UmbridgeRead a book with a pink cover
SnapeRead a book that includes page 394
NewtRead a book containing af fantastic beast
Bathilda BagshotRead a book written by a woman
GodricRead a book that represents Gryffindors values
HelgaRead a book that represents Hufflepuffs values
RowenaRead a book that represents Rawenclaws values
SalazarRead a book that represents Slytherins values
The Chosen oneRead a book that mentions Harry Potter
He who must not be namedRead a book with a charachter that shares a name from Harry Potter
Deathly HollowsRead a book with a symbol on the cover
GryffindorRead a book recommended by a Gryffindor
HufflepuffRead a book recommended by a Hufflepuff
RawenclawRead a book recommended by a Rawenclaw
SlytherinRead a book recommended by a Slytherin
House CupRead a book that has won an award
QuidditchRead a book involving a sport
Wizarding RadioListen to an audiobook
Howarts LibraryRead a book you from the library or that you have borrowed from a friend
HerbologyRead a book related to nature
PotionsRead a book with potions, alchemy or chemistry in it
AstronomyRead a book with a star on the cover or in the title
Defense against the dark artsRead a book about good vs evil
TransfigurationRead a book about a huge change
History of MagicRead a historical fiction
CharmsRead a book with a charming cover
Care of Magical CreaturesRead a book with an animal on the cover
ArithmancyRead a book with a number in the title
Ancient RunesRead a book set before you were born
FlyingRead a book with a bird on the cover
DivinationRead a book that includes prophecy or fortune telling
Muggle StudiesRead a memoir or biography
ApparitionRead a book set somewhere you would like to travel
Restricted SectionRead a banned book
DurmstrangRead a book with a boat in it.
BeaubatonsRead a book by a French author
IlvermornyRead a book by an American author
GringottsRead a book with gold foiling
Flourish & BottsRead a 2019 release
The dark markRead a book with a dark cover
Hogwarts – A HistoryRead a book that intimidates you