Reading Challenge – 2023

Tilbage til Reading Challenges

A fantasy story
A murder mystery/crime storyAudioKathy ReichsDeja Dead2023
A ghost/horror storyAudioVictoria SchwabCity of Ghosts (Cassidy Blake #1)2023
A comic book or graphic novelEbookDebbie TungHappily Ever After2023
An audio bookAudioCassidy CaymanReunited (Lost highlander #2)2023
A non-fiction bookAudioAllan EngquistNår ulykken er sket2023
A sci-fi storyAudioKyle WestExtinction (The Wasteland Chronicles #6)2023
An omnibusEbookRikke SchubartKød2023
An anthology
A short story, novelette or novella
A book not in your native tongueAudioStella RhysSweet Spot (Irresisteble #1)2023
A book written by a male authorAudioKevin WilsonNothing to see here2023
A book written by a female authorAudioStella RhysEx Games2023
A book written by an actor/actressAudioFlemming JensenVejledning i sælfangst2023
A book by an author born the same year as youEbookRachael LucasDet lille Bibliotek (Little Maudley #1)2023
A book by an author younger than youAudioElle KennedyPæn pige problemet (Avalon Bay #1)2023
A book by an author you’ve never readEbookAndrew TsyastonEmotions explained with Buff Dudes2023
A book you own, but have never read
A book that’s been on your shelf for 2+ years
An author’s last/newest bookAudio Jorge SánchezDeadbreak2023
A book set on another planet
A book set on an island
A book with 700+ pages or 24+ hrs (audio)
A book with less than 100 pagesEbookCassandra CalinI left the house today!2023
A book with 10 (or less) letters in the titleAudioKyle WestApocalypse (The Wastelands Chronicles #1)2023
A book with a color in the title
A book with a three word titleAudioBret Easton EllisLess than zero2023
A book with the letter X in the titleAudioCandace BushnellIs there still sex in the city?2023
A book with a number on the spine
A book with an animal on the cover
A book in an series with 7 or more booksAudioKyle WestThe Origins (The Wasteland Chronicles #2)2023
A book in an ongoing seriesAudioDean R. KoontzDen fortabte søn (Frankenstein #1)2023
A book with a sea creature /aquatic animal
A book with werewolves/shape shifters
A book with dinosaurs
A book with sibling main charachters
A book with a non-human charachterAudioAnders MatthesenTernet Ninja2023
A book with illustrationsEbookCurtis WiklundUs2023
A book you’re reading but haven’t finished yet
A book mentioned in another book
A mostly green bookAudioMikkel BirkegaardKjærstads Bibliotek2023
A mostly blue book
A book a libriarian chose for you
A book a family member or a friend chose for youAudioAnders MatthesenTernet Ninja #22023
A book about time travelAudioCassidy CaymanLost Highlander (Lost Highlander #1)2023
A book about/involving a holiday
A book that became a movie or TV seriesAudioSally ThorneThe hating game2023
A translated book